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Computer pouses at any screen without any reason,How to fix?

Well, If you are windows 7 user then you are in luck, microsoft has encountered this issue (deadlock condition for hard drive buffer and some other hard disc function)and provided sollution as an important update named – Hotfix.
You need to go to this( link accept their terms and conditions and provide your email id, they will send you link wia mail to download the fix package.

Install and restart your PC, they advice to install the hotfix after taking proper back up, you should check the hot fix’s behaviour before you apply it to live production system.

Share your experience with us.

Windows 7 won’t boot past “Starting Windows” screen

You wont see flag icon on startup screen

The only thing that worked for me was to shut down the computer, turn back on and immediately begin tapping F8 until I saw the safe mode boot screen. One of the options is boot in safe mode with command prompt – I clicked on that and typed: sfc /scannow

After the scan it said one of her registry files had been corrupt and was restored (automatically). After that the computer began working normal – except that now I’m trying to make a back-up DVD and I’m getting an “I/O error …..”

At least the computer is back to normal, try it!

Free SSL Certificate for Your Website

Want to increase performance and security or just annoyed with browser security warning i.e firefox’s new annoying text- This connection is not secure logins entered here could be compromised.
firefox warning

To remove above issue shown in image and make your website more secure do perform following steps.
I suggest to have Cloudflare setup in your DNS system.paid SSL certificate for your web page needs your complete support to maintain. But, Cloudflare provides free SSL certificates with a limited access (enough for any website) and it takes care most of the support that your web page needs.
Most importantly, nowadays Google is providing better preferences for the web pages which has HTTPs as the protocol and more chances for your web page to appear on Google search.

cloudflair for free SSL(https protocol)

Cloudflare protects from DDoS attacks and other threats to protect your bandwidth and server resources being wasted. It allows your web page visitors to have the fastest page loading by which it also improves the performance level. it provides many other services if you want make best performance and attack free website. Below are the steps to configure SSL certificate of Cloudflare.

Step 1
Go to and create a free plan account.

free SSL fro cloudflair embers blog

Step 2
Add your website in cloudflare, this will scan your website name servers and suggest you new name servers in following way.

name server

Step 3
Now go to your domain provider eg: Godaddy and modify domain name server address with new names.
Note: Take a copy of your domain record settings eg: CNAME, TXT, MX etc.

Step 4
Once Step 3 finished, cloudflare will active your website. And you will find following menu options.

free SSL panel embers infotech blog

Step 5
Click on the DNS and add your CNAME records settings. Sometimes cloudflare will automatically access your old records.


Step 6
Go to Crypto and activate your free SSL(https). Choose Flexible option for SSL.


Step 7
Same page scroll down and enable automatic HTTPs rewrites option.


Step 8
If you are a WordPress user, go to Page Rules and add following page rules. This will help to redirect existing WordPress pages to HTTPs


Step 9
Add your website in Google Webmaster Tools for Google search indexing.


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